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I'm a writer, playwright, novelist and creative artist. I've had some of my books published, some stage plays and monologues performed, and boxes full of rejections. I'm currently casting for my Flash Stage Play, NO PICTURES PLEASE!

No Pictures Please shut down by Wynwood Police

Police Picture (2)The Wynwood Police shut down NO PICTURES PLEASE before we could start the Play. We rehearsed for about five hours, then walked a few blocks and found a promising location. We were almost set up, struggling to erect the makeshift stage against a major wind, when the officer pulled up and demanded to see the person in charge. When I walked over to talk to him he insisted on seeing my film permit.
I told him we were not doing a film, that we were doing a stage play, and that we didn’t need a permit.
 “You can’t block the streets,” he said.
“We’re not blocking the streets,” I pointed out. “It’s just on the corner on the dirt where nobody goes.”
That really pissed him off.
“It’s the streets! How are you not blocking the streets!”
I pointed to the street right next to us and said: “Those are the streets. This is not a street.”
Now this argument about what constitutes a street did not seem funny at the time.
“Take that thing down right now or show me a permit.”
“I have a permit,” I told him.
“Show it to me.”
I told him it was on its way, that someone was bringing it. In fact, my brother had driven back to the rehearsal location to get it and was on his way.
 “You have a permit?”
“It sort of a permit.”
“Do you have a permit or not?”
He kept looking over at the tent getting battered by those heavy winds. He looked worried, like it might blow away and kill someone.
He kept telling me to either take it down or show me a permit. He was pretty furious at that point.
I told him it was only twenty minutes longs, so come on, dude, just be cool and let us do it. Then we’ll take it down and be gone. I tried to appeal to him as one human being to another.
That really set him off. He pointed to the farmer’s market across the street and told me that those people had paid money to rent their space, and I wanted to do the same thing for free.
I told him that we were not selling anything, that it was completely free. We weren’t even asking for donations, so it wasn’t the same thing.
He said it didn’t matter, and to show him a permit or take it down now.
My brother showed up then with our “permit,” which I had laminated and made to look as official as legally possible. I handed it to him. I told him that I had spoken with a representative of the city of Wynwood and gone over the application for a permit and that she said we didn’t need one, since it was only a one-time event for about twenty minutes, and we weren’t blocking any streets. Not to start that argument again.
He was not impressed. His exact words were: “This is nothing. Some city clerk can’t give you permission to do this.” He shook it at me. “Take it down now.”
I made one final attempt. I pointed to the grassy area to the right of the Farmer’s market.
I asked him: How about over there by the Palm trees? Is there someplace around here that you would suggest?
“There is no place you can do that in Wynwood without a permit. I’m already getting calls. If I let you do that anywhere and someone objects you are going to say: Officer So & So told me it was okay.”
He held up my permit, like it was evidence and said: “I know you will. This tells me you will.” Then he handed it to me. “This is the last time I’m telling you to take it down.”
The only thing I can say is that after recalling and reading this recap, which I’ll swear on a polygraph, I’m probably lucky I didn’t get arrested. 
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Delayed by Zika – but show will go on!

Did not expect the Zika virus to delay this project, which is fully cast, but since it is planned take place in Wynwood, which is ground zero for the Zika virus, I have no choice. As soon as Wynwood is declared Zika-free, and tourism returns, we will make it  happen. In the meantime, I will be appearing at Villain Theater as the guest monologist on Saturday. 14117890_494452744084490_6236577531396573814_n

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Moving forward with Casting

We have most of the roles cast, but still need someone to play the Prophet Muhammad.

Flash Play Casting Muhammad

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Using guerilla, performance art tactics, we will erect a pop-up stage in a busy location in order to perform and film the short stage play No Pictures Please! Why it can’t be done in a traditional theater setting is another story.

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Casting Notice

Casting notice kindly posted by the South Florida Theatre League, of which I am a member.OTHER PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES

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The Plan

The Plan

We are going to set up a quick stage in the middle of a busy location and gather an audience. We will then perform and film the short stage play “No Pictures Please!” We will take down the stage and disappear before anyone has a chance to object. This is Performance Art using Guerilla Tactics. As near as I can discover, this has never been done before!

Join Us & Make History

 This project is a unique, one-of-a-kind experience. In addition to the controversial nature of the Stage Play, the fact that we are forced to produce it as an underground operation is unprecedented.

It will only be performed once, and filmed. Once the film is edited, it will be submitted to short film festivals and/or released.

You can be a part of this historic event if you believe in Free Speech and have a great sense of humor. You can choose to remain anonymous or use your real name.

We are looking for male and female actors, as well as crew and helpers in various capacities. If you are interested please contact me so I can provide a detailed explanation of the project and answer any questions you may have, as well as a copy of the script.

                                  “No Pictures Please” Synopsis

A group of actors are forced to perform a stage play in front of a Terrorist, who threatens to detonate a bomb if he finds it to be offensive. The terrified actors have no choice but to stumble through the production, which is funny, but increasingly offensive. Eventually the Terrorist detonates the bomb, and learns that Paradise is not quite what he expected.

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Press Release Rejected

My press release on was rejected because they said it “can lead to a potentially harmful or threatening situation.” I can’t believe they are so sensitive to this issue, when press releases are published every day that are far, far worse. Just another example of the unequal treatment when it comes to offending Muslims.


Press Release Turned Down

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Indiegogo Pitch Video

NO PICTURES PLEASE,  a satire of Free Speech & Islam, includes an actor playing the role of the Prophet Muhammad. This is deeply offensive to many Muslims and has, in the past, provoked acts of violence.

That makes No Pictures Please unsuitable for traditional theater. The security costs alone are a show stopper, not mention all the fear and political correctness.

Turns out Free Speech is not free. It is actually quite expensive.

The cost of ensuring the  safety of the cast, the crew and the audience for a play like No Pictures Please is prohibitive. It could never have multiple runs.

The only alternative is this Indiegogo Project, which includes:

The Stage Play – the audience will witness and participate in the first and only live performance of the stage play NO PICTURES PLEASE!

The Film – the entire experience, recorded by several devices inside and outside the Venue, will be transformed into an amazing Film.

The Documentary – A creative, compelling look at the whole crazy experience.

No Pictures Please deserves to be seen and judged on its own merits.

Only your support will make that possible.

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Crowdfunding March 29, 2016

This is it. Indiegogog. Crowdfunding Now

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